VR & tourism #1 : Immersive experiences, an invitation to travel

or 4 ways to use VR in a tourism strategy

VR  is one of the most popular technologies in all sectors, and travel and tourism are not to be outdone. Because when it comes to selling an experience, a feeling, a landscape or a story, VR offers many advantages and is a powerful medium that will totally change your costumers experience. From travel planning to traveling through virtual booking systems, offering travelers the option of visiting hotels before booking their room or discovering their future destination, there are so many possibilities…


A real virtual journey : or how to make your customers travel virtually to make them want to travel physically

Let’s imagine a virtual reality app that offers an individual and qualitative trip, a discovery trail of your territory that is fully customizable, offering an environment of ultra-realistic virtual reality, with which travelers will be able to interact …

Imagine that they can freely walk, explore, discover and visit virtually the places of heritage and artistic creation that you want to highlitght ? Is there a better way to create envy and convince future travelers?

Note: For refractors, don’t worry, very few VR helmet users give up a physical visit after a virtual visit, on the contrary, generally the urge to physically visit the site is all the stronger!

For tourism professionals, the main advantage is to make discover a new destination for future travelers: unusual places like artists’ houses, exclusive visits, fragile sites that can not be visited …. 4 ways to use VR in your tourism marketing strategy  :

  • To help future travelers to get a better idea of ​​their destination
  • To make them live the journey before to rise envy and curiosity
  • To help travelers prepare for their visit
  • To make your territory accessible to people who, for financial or physical reasons, can not travel


Cultural tourism and volumetric VR

For tourism professionals who wish to promote their offers, it is important to highlight quality cultural content and make travelers really want to experience the travel experience.

We must not neglect the quality of the experience, in terms of realism of the environment. A sharp image improves the immersion and the sensation of lived and carries an image. Volumetric VR, based on photogrammetry, that is to say the virtual reconstruction of a real environment using hundreds of high definition photographs, offers an incomparable photographic rendering. Add to that a scenario, a customizable course and spatialized sound, well-thought-out interactions and the experience becomes unforgettable.

Culture audiences, amateur tourists or Culture enthusiasts who often seek new experiences are fond of this type of content, which emphasizes quality and the dissemination of knowledge to entertainment.


Now you know what kind of experiences you can propose to your costumers, next time, we will talk about how to share those experiences. And if you want to talk about this, please do not hesitate to contact us 🙂






Illustration credit : evening_tao