VR & Tourism #2 : Marketing challenge, open new spaces

Last time we talk about the immersive VR experiences you can create for your costumers, but, how can you share those contents and make them known all around the world ? How can you open new spaces to communicate your VR contents ?

Create and share

It is almost natural that VR has found its place in the marketing and communication strategies of tourism professionals. It thus makes it possible to make known and to develop another territory, through a realistic and innovative immersive experience. It’s a powerful  medium that plays on emotions and offers strong sensitive experiences.

There are multiple ways of using VR technology and spreading these VR promotion experiences. They can be shared in VR cultural and tourist spaces (VR cinemas, VR exhibitions …). You can make them available via VR terminals such as Mariot teleporters in public or private spaces (travel agencies, tourist offices …).

Many tour operators, travel agencies, hotel chains have already tried the experience. Immersive tourist promotion films flourish all over the world. Immersive visitor applications offering new promotional and cultural content intended for the valorization of a territory are all new products which have been a great success with the general public.


For more informations, you can read our article about the main steps of a VR app project and how to share it by clicking right HERE. The main point is to be creative and do not hesitate to propose something else, explore, create to stand out and develop a product that truly fit your goals and expectations of your consumers ! Want to talk about this ? To have more details ? An idea to develop ? Contact us !